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Islampur police district


Islampur is located at 2616?N 8812?E. Uttar Dinajpur district has a flat topography and slopes gently from north to south. All rivers flow in that direction. Except for the eastern fringes of Chopra CD Block, most of the district is a part of the catchment area of the Mahanada and also a part of the larger Barind Tract The soil is composed of different varieties of alluvium. The main rivers are: Nagar, Mahananda, Kulik, Gamari, Chhiramati (Srimati) and Tangon. The rivers have little water in the dry season but with heavy rains, during monsoon, overflow the banks. The Nagar river flows along the international border with Bangladesh on the east of Islampur CD Block. The Sanauna, Dalaucha and Raba rivers flow through Islampur CD Block Approximately 134.4 km of the India-Bangladesh border is in Islampur Police district. It covers the eastern boundary of the district. On the western side Islampur Police District has 143.5 km boundary with Bihar.....